As a source of creative activity, Fontana identity & design, an independent, Brussels-based design & communications consultancy, creates and delivers meaningful concepts, comprehensive company identity programs, and designs on & off-line for its many varied clients.

Fontana's special gift is to come up with intelligent solutions for long-term, sustainable results, happily joining forces with customers looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Since 1999, Fontana identity & design has successfully worked hand-in-hand with customers in areas ranging from energy and transport, global raw materials and metals, finance and human resources, to the quickly evolving worlds of chemistry, food and mobility, as well as with national and international lobby organisations. 

Fontana identity & design

39, Rue de l'Association
Verenigingstraat, 39

B-1000 Brussel / Bruxelles


Our intention on this site is to give you a flavour of what we create, develop, and deliver, and show you how we excel.
In the truest sense, we at Fontana are a multi-talented team of designers and consultants, yet first and foremost, we are believers in our creativity that we bring to visual communications. We hope you will get that feeling as you have a look at this site, at what we have done for others, and possibly can do for you, as well.


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